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Arsene Wenger says the days of £200m transfer fees are ‘not long’ away Champions League England Italy Latest News Spain 

Arsene Wenger says the days of £200m transfer fees are ‘not long’ away

Arsene Wenger has said he believes it will not be long before clubs pay up to £200million for players.

Manchester United broke the world transfer record on Tuesday when, after weeks of speculation, they paid £89million to Juventus to take Paul Pogba back to Old Trafford.

That deal continues a trend which has seen the record extended by nearly £75million in 20 years, with the likes of Alan Shearer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale previously holding the tag of the world's most expensive player.

Wenger's own record signing came when Arsenal paid in excess of £40million to sign Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid in 2013 and when asked how long it would be until a club pays up to £200m for a player, he replied: "Not long.

"I have said that since I have been in the game that at some point it has to stop, but as long as football continues to develop and becomes more popular, more money will come in.

"What is interesting to see is that today, you have a local business and you just want to survive or you have a world business and the money comes in, whether it is Google, Facebook, football or any other sport, they are worldwide so you can't set any limitations on the income.

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