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Bad time for Neymar

neymar-cropped_1url1p09929k810v1x96i26c99The federal court in the state of Sao Paulo has taken action against the Barcelona star, who has been accused of tax evasion back in his homeland

Barcelona forward Neymar has had assets frozen back in his native Brazil.

The 24-year-old is facing charges of tax evasion between 2011 and 2013, but has denied any wrongdoing.

The federal court in the state of Sao Paulo has intervened to block £34.5 million worth of his assets, however, with a yacht, a jet, properties and three companies belonging to his family all affected.

The authorities have ordered Neymar, who is accused of setting up companies as a means of paying a lower rate of tax, to hand over £11 million – the figure he is said to owe.
"He can still appeal the decision, but it is a step forward," said Iagaro Jung Martins, an auditor with the federal tax agency. "If he pays what he owes, the case is closed. Our legislation isn't too harsh."